The taste of the Mediterranean

Planning a party at home or at work? Why not let us cater for you and provide a great feast for your party while you enjoy your guests company. We offer a wide range of range of cold mezes all freshly prepared and at a great price. For more details on menu and prices please call Mr Najar on 07733442012 or email us on
Deliveries available to local offices and colleges.
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Mesopotamia Foods Menu

Najar’s Place and Wendy News are introducing a range of delicious
freshly made salads and baguettes on the premises everyday all from
just £1.99
1. Potato salad, spring onion, chilli flakes and a mayo dressing
2. Pasta, parsley, tuna and a drizzle of lemon juice
3. Pasta chicken and sun dried tomatoes
4. Pasta in a rich tomato sauce and shavings of parmesan
5. Tuna sweet corn served on a bed of leaf salad
6. Caesar salad and a hard -boiled egg
7. Tomato mixed peppers spring onion and mint
8. Tomato topped with feta cheese and basil
9. Feta cheese black olives red onion cherry tomatoes, cucumber and mint
10. Couscous, sundried tomatoes and pomegranate
11. Radish ,onion rocket cannellini beans
12. Beet root, red onions and rocket
13. Baby lettuce grated carrots and red onion with balsamic vingeratte
14. Leaf salad (cabbage, rocket and baby spinach)
15. Grilled halloumi tomatoes, cucumber and baby gem lettuce
16. Roast chicken, lettuce and tomatoes
17. Falafel (chickpeas, fresh coriander and sesame seeds) and humus (sesame oil and chick peas)
18. Humus (sesame oil and chick peas)and roast chicken and cherry tomatoes
19. Stuffed vine leaves (rice and parsley with a squeeze of lemon juice all rolled in a vine leaf)
20. Kibbeh (mince beef and onions and black pepper all stuffed in a blend of potatoes and crushed
wheat)served with a cool side of jajik (yoghurt, chopped lettuce and mint)
21. Mixed olives and sun-dried tomatoes
22. Tabbouleh (parsley, tomatoes, crushed wheat and spring onions with a drizzle of lemon juice
and olive oil)
23. Motabbal (grilled aubergines, sesame oil (tahineh) and lemon juice
24. Baba ghanoush (grilled aubergines mixed peppers parsley, spring onions and lemon juice)
25. Haveer (crushed wheat, parsley, tomatoes paste and pomegranate)
26. Batata harrah (spicy diced potatoes fresh coriander and garlic)
27. Tuna and leaf salad.
28. Mixed fruit salad
29. Humus (sesame oil and chick peas)
30. Kibbeh, falafel and stuffed vine leaves.
31. Falafel, humus ,grated carrots and a lemon wedge.
32. Mixed olives
33. Fattoush salad (fried pieces of pita bread served on a chopped tomatoes, cucumbers,
mint fresh coriander, parsley and Sumac for added sharpness Pesto chicken salad with rocket and cherry tomatoes.


1. Chicken mayo and salad
2. Chicken tikka and salad
3. BBQ chicken and salad
4. Spicy chicken and salad
5. Pesto chicken and salad
6. Mexican chicken and salad
7. Pesto chicken and salad
8. Roast chicken and salad
9. Roast chicken humus and sun dried tomatoes
10. Falafel humus and salad
11. Falafel humus and sun dried tomatoes
12. Falafel humus and roast chicken
13. Humus roast chicken and sun dried tomatoes
14. Humus and roast peppers
15. Humus and carrots